In 2021, the World Bank predicts the global economy will expand by 5.6%, after a decline of 3.5% in 2020. In the countries of Central Asia (CA), growth is also projected – by 3.7% per year. The largest economic growth is forecasted for Uzbekistan (plus 4.8%) and Tajikistan (plus 5.3%). In turn, in Kazakhstan, growth is projected at 3.2%, in Kyrgyzstan – 3.8%.

In general, experts from international institutional companies note that attracting investment is a key factor in economic recovery after the crisis in Central Asia. Thus, investment attractiveness plays a fundamental role in the development of countries.

Today the countries of Central Asia are generally attractive for foreign investment. The following positive factors can be noted:
• minerals;
• new markets for non-trading sectors;
• macroeconomic stability;
• large domestic market;
• cheap labor;
• high growth potential of economic sectors;
• improving the business environment.